Creating and Copying Templates

In Shibumi, you can either create new or copy existing templates. New templates provide a blank canvas. The Shibumi default tabs will be available but hidden. Copied templates will contain all details of the original template: layout, sections, attributes, metrics, roles, etc. Only participants will not be copied.

Creating Templates

  1. Click the Add Template button in the template list on the App Detail page.
  2. Select “Create.”
  3. In the Create Template dialog, select the template type on which the new template will be based. Select either:
    • Portfolio: Contains the standard set of Shibumi attributes but does not include Start and Due Dates.
    • Initiative: Contains the standard set of Shibumi attributes plus Start Date, Due Date, and Percent Complete
  1. Enter a template Name.

New Templates

When a new template is created, all out-of-the-box tabs will be hidden. Resulting in a display similar to Dashboards when they are first created.

To begin configuring a Layout on a Tab, navigate to the Action Icon menu and select Configure Tabs to open the Tab Settings dialog, from here select Add Tab to begin configuring a new Tab. For more information on Tab Visibility and Layout configuration, please visit our respective articles.

Copy an Existing Template

  1. Open an existing template.
  2. From the Action Icon menu, select the Copy option.
  3. Enter a new template Name. The API Name will be generated from the template name and can be edited.
  4. Click Save.

Updated on July 29, 2023

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