this. Prefix

The this. prefix can be used in aggregation functions and in the dropdown filter for associations.

In Shibumi aggregation functions, the conditional argument defines the criteria that determines whether a value should be included in the aggregation. For example, when the sumIf()function aggregates from a template, the third argument allows for criteria that must be satisfied in order for the work item value to be included in the sum total.

sumIf(Initiative__t, Planned_Value__c, Region__c = ”East”)

To make the argument more dynamic, users often compare the attribute from the template where the value is being aggregated to the attribute on the template where the expression is being authored.

sumIf(Initiative__t, Planned_Value__c, Region__c = Program__t.Region__c)

The this. prefix provides the ability to specify that the attribute or metric value in the comparison argument is housed on the current work item (i.e., the work item where the expression is being authored). It is an equivalent expression to one using the current work item’s template API name as the prefix.

sumIf(Initiative__t, Planned_Value__c, Region__c = this.Region__c)

Similarly, in the dropdown filter for associations, the this. prefix allows you to compare attributes of the current work item and the associated work item.

this.Territory__q.autoNumber = Territory__t.autoNumber

Updated on August 12, 2020

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