The previous value of an attribute or metric can be referenced in business rule expressions when the edit of that attribute, metric, or association triggers the rule.

I.e. the .previousValue reference only returns a previous value for the attribute, metric, or association used as an On Edit trigger for the business rule. If it is used with an attribute, metric, or association that is not included in the On Edit trigger, it will return the current value of the attribute, metric, or association.


  • attribute__c.previousValue
  • pick_list__c.value.previousValue
  • metric__m.data_set__d.timePeriod(date).previousValue
  • attribute__c.data_set__d.previousValue
  • association__q.previousValue

Where Available

  • Business rules: Condition
  • Business rules: Assign Role
  • Business rules: Create Work Item
  • Business rules: Set Value
  • Business rules: Notification Subject
  • Business rules: Notification Body
  • Business rules: URL Call
Updated on October 3, 2023

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