When an association is defined between two templates, two components are required:

  • A query attribute
  • The template that the query attribute is associated with

E.g., to associate an RPA Opportunity with the Automation Vendor that will be used to deliver the automation, you’d define a Vendor query attribute on the RPA Opportunity template and would configure that attribute to be associated with the Automation Vendor template.

The API names for the query attribute and the defined association are displayed on the Data panel on both templates.

To reference the query attribute, use the query attribute API name (appended with a “__q”).

References to the query attribute can be:

  • Defined on the template hosting the query attribute to access attributes, metrics, or roles from the associated template (e.g., tab visibility setting: Opportunity_Vendor__q.Region__c = “East”)
  • Defined on the template hosting the query attribute to chain associations (e.g., if the Automation Vendor template had an association defined with the Industry template, in an Opportunity template tab visibility expression setting: = “Retail”)

To reference the association, use the association API name (appended with a “__a”).

Typically, you would reference the association API name when writing expressions that will aggregate a value from all of the instances linked by the association.

E.g., the following expression, when defined on the Automation Vendor template would sum the Revenue from each RPA Opportunity associated with the Vendor instance.

sumif(Opportunity_Vendor__a, Revenue__c)

Updated on June 21, 2022

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