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The expression language includes intelligent typeahead to ensure that the references included in your expression are syntactically correct.

Note: When changes are made to template, attribute, or metric API names, Shibumi does not automatically update expressions referencing them.  The expressions will be invalid until they are updated with the new API name.

List of References

The table below provides a list of all of the components that can be referenced in an expression. Each row includes a link to an article providing additional detail.

Reference Syntax
Templates Template_API_Name__t
Attributes Attribute_API_Name__c
Metrics Metric_API_Name__m


.this Prefix this.Attribute_API_Name__c


Roles Role_API_Name__r
Modifier modifier.
User user.
Enterprise ID enterpriseId
System ID systemId
CHILD CHILD (not available for new expressions)


Updated on June 21, 2022

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