Editability and Visibility Settings


Template Admins can define visibility and editability logic by entering conditional expressions on an object’s settings dialog. If the expression evaluates to “true”, the object is editable or visible.


  • Visible If: stage=3 and myRole=“collaborator”
  • Editable if: Stage__c=2 and (lifecycleStage="in_progress" or start<"01/01/2021")

These expressions can be defined for the following:

  • Visibility of Tabs: Defined in the Tab Settings dialog which is accessed via the tab gear icon on templates.
  • Editability of Attributes: Defined on the Settings dialog which is accessed through the selection check boxes on the right side of the Data tab.
  • Editability of Metric Data Sets and Metric Time Periods:  Defined in the Metric Expression Settings dialog which is accessed by clicking on the metric’s Actual or Target value on a Metric List/View or the Metric Detail page, or by opening the metric’s Settings dialog from the template Data tab.


Scenario 1: Tab is visible if the object has a completion date before January 1st

Visible If:  finishDate<"01/01/2021"

Scenario 2: Attribute is editable to collaborators when the object priority is high

Editable If:  priority="high" and myRole=“collaborator”

Scenario 3: Tab is visible if the description equals “west region” and the object status is In Progress

Visible If:  description=“west region” and lifecycleStage=“in_progress”

Scenario 4:  Attribute is editable if the user is either a Collaborator, or the Owner, Sponsor, or Admin on the object’s parent item.

Editable If:  myInheritedRole=“collaborator” or myInheritedRole=“owner” or myInheritedRole=“sponsor” or myInheritedRole=“admin”

Scenario 5:  Attribute is editable when the parent items Stage value is greater than 4

Editable If: parent.Stage__c>"4"

Scenario 6:  Initiative level attribute is editable when the parent Program’s Region value is either APJ or EMEA.

Editable If: Program__t.Region__c="EMEA" or Program__t.Region__c="APJ"

Note: If a value includes quotation marks, they must be broken up with backslashes.  I.e., If the region value is West “Best” Coast

Visible If: region=“West \“Best\” Coast”

Updated on February 21, 2023

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