Expressions Overview


Expressions can be written to calculate values and define logic throughout your Shibumi solution.

Expressions are constructed of functions, references, operators, and values. Clauses can be combined using conjunction keywords (and, or) and parentheses.

Expression can either be written by typing directly into an expression field or by using our injected expression syntax within specific fields.

Expression Formatting

Attribute Type Value Format
Text Must be enclosed in quotation marks “”
Date Must be formatted as either:

Numeric Must adhere to US/GB format for decimals and thousands separator.

i.e., Period for Decimals, Comma as the thousands separator.

Must not include currency symbols nor a percent sign.

Where Available

Expression Fields:

  • Field Editability expression
  • Tab Visibility expression
  • Business rules: Condition
  • Business rules: Assign Role
  • Business rules: Set Value
  • Metric expression
  • Attribute expression

Injected Expression Fields:

  • Dynamic Filter
  • Rename Section
  • Form Field Label
  • Embedded Section URL attribute
  • Business rules: Create Work Item
  • Business rules: Notification Subject
  • Business rules: Notification Body
  • Business rules: URL Call


Updated on April 23, 2021

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