The toFilter() function formats values into filter-friendly values. Text values will be surrounded by double quotes to allow for exact match filtering. Multi-select pick lists will resolve selected options surrounded by double quotes and separated by commas. Dates will be formatted as “yyyy-MM-dd”. Numbers will resolve to the raw numeric value without any formatting.



Argument Description


The value can be a constant (i.e., hard-coded value, attribute reference, or page-filter reference) and/or references to metrics. The value argument can also be an expression.

Where Available

Available in all places the injected expression icon is visible, as well as within Filter fields on Cards, Tables and List/View sections.


Where Example(s)
Dynamic Filter {!toFilter(Start_Date__f)} will resolve to “2023-11-01”

{!toFilter(Percent__c*100)} will resolve to ” > 50%”

 {!toFilter(Lead_Partner__f)} will resolve to “ABC Advisors”, “Consultants R Us”, “Five Star Partners”

{!toFilter(ARR__c)} will resolve to 150000


Updated on April 2, 2024

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