User Categories & Role Permissions

At the Enterprise level, there are three general user categories:

Users Any user that has been invited to an application work item or template in an enterprise will be listed as a User.
Administrators Each Enterprise will have one or more users designated as Admins. If a user is an Admin, he/she will see the Enterprise Administration option from the <User> Menu.
Account Owner The Account Owner defaults to the person who created the Enterprise.


At the application level, users are assigned to one or more roles on a work item. The permissions available to the role are dictated by the access rights defined for the role:

Admin Users holding Roles with Admin access rights can create, view, update, delete and manage all content, as well as manage all role assignments.
Edit Users holding Roles with Edit access rights can create, view, and update content. Template settings determine whether users holding this role can manage role assignments.
View Users holding Roles with View access rights can view content, and cannot manage any role assignments.


Updated on June 17, 2023

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