Sorting List/View Content

Users are able to sort their Lists and Views with our Sort By options. In the Sort By dropdown, users may select one or more columns to sort by.

  • To change the sort order, click on the Settings icon (gear) at the top right of the Section.
  • Select Customize.
  • Hover over the Sort option to view the sort dropdown menu.
  • Click the checkbox to select your sort criteria.
  • To sort items by ascending or descending order, simply click on the arrow next to the selection to toggle the sort order direction.
  • Lock the sort order by selecting the lock icon at the top left of the dropdown. This will prevent end users from making changes to the sort order.


  • Column headers and updated date are available as Sort By options.
  • When sorting by ascending order, blank items will appear before alphabetized items (the opposite is true for descending order).
Updated on April 20, 2021

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