Release 174.0

15-16 July 2022

(Note: Official release notes are available as an attachment to this article)


  • Introduced Cookie message
  • Copying work items restricted to items with less than 100 descendants
  • Forms: Tab and mobile display order defined by separators
  • Re-ordered View ahead of List on the Add Section dialog
  • When selecting “View Template” user is taken to same tab on the template
  • Applied new UX to the Template & Work Item Settings dialog
  • Always display Save/Cancel option on new Forms in Edit mode

Issue Resolutions

  • New rows created when dragging to copy values in Metric List/View and cannot save bulk edit
  • “On Edit” Business Rule not triggering when removing a user by assigning to another role
  • Export/Import process sends role assignment notifications with ID rather than name
  • Metric Baseline and Description Values not included in App Upgrade
  • Upgrading an App with an attachment attribute defined will fail
  • Lock wait timeout error causes export service to restart
  • Work item instance can’t be deleted when an Association has an editability restriction
  • Filters are not responding correctly in Gantt section
  • Saving a form with a Parent Item that’s populated removes the link
  • Unable to delete custom attribute from template
  • CSV exports might be slow because the transaction is not read only

174.0 Release Notes

Updated on December 1, 2023

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