Release 177.0

26-27 August 2022

(Note: Official release notes are available as an attachment to this article)


  • Preview Pane for Table Section
  • Expand/collapse default setting for grouped column in Table section
  • Progress Bar Custom Section
  • App History Tab
  • Workplan Gantt: Track Target Dates alongside Actual Dates

Issue Resolutions:

  • Import warning for attribute replacement with same API name not working
  • Notifications display blank page when notification has long text strings
  • Views appear blank after customizing in a Dashboard when Report View is disabled
  • Workplan Gantt: Marker Name expression not working
  • Values added to the new attributes on Form show up on instances on publish
  • Table on Dashboard requires page refresh when changing height
  • Cannot scroll in rich text sections
  • Adding a new option to a Pick List doesn’t display on template until page refresh
  • Presentations stuck in publishing state

177.0 Release Notes

Updated on December 1, 2023

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