Release 173.0

17-18 June 2022

(Note: Official release notes are available as an attachment to this article)


  • Enhanced Forms
  • Show data page in a panel at the bottom of the page
  • Attachment Attribute
  • Checkbox Attribute
  • Reference page-level filters in Table metric columns
  • Configure Workplan Gantt to utilize Enterprise Fiscal Year
  • Setting for reversing the dependency for Workplan Gantt
  • Increase rows in Item Detail Card from 10 to 15

Issue Resolutions:

  • Enterprise name should not be editable from Enterprise Admin
  • Children on templates should not show template buttons
  • Custom sections can save configuration incorrectly which causes section to break
  • Set Value business rule can fail when “Set” function is too long
  • Table section export produces corrupted Excel file due to special characters
  • Create number attribute “Decimal Places” setting forces leading zero when editing
  • New users can’t be added in EU or AP environments
  • Custom section performance issue
  • Potential data type issue in auth-service triggered intermittent outage
  • Reply to discussion notification is showing the wrong sender name
  • SSO users need to enter usernames again after idle time logout

173.0 Release Notes

Updated on December 1, 2023

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