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Create Forms allow for the creation of new work items via a form that’s launched from a button. Admins have full customization for the layout of the form using our core Form capability.

Create Forms can be used to either create new child work items (e.g., creating a new Initiative under a Workstream, in a solution where Initiatives are a Child Type of Workstreams) or associated work items (e.g., creating a new Initiative from a Region, in a solution where Initiatives have associations to Regions).

Adding Create Forms

  1. While in Design mode on a Layout, select the Add Section icon.
  2. Select Create Form.
  3. Choose from available Child Types or Associations.
  4. A section with a button is generated.
  5. Configure the section with the following options:
    • Rename Section: Rename the Form’s title.
    • Settings: Edit the button text.
    • Customize Layout: Customize the Form that will launch when clicking the create button. You can change the layout of fields, add/delete fields, rename fields, make fields required, add separators, etc. See Managing Forms for full configuration options.


  • For Association Create Forms:
    • The Parent Field is automatically added to the form and cannot be removed.
    • Parent Field is searchable and will be restricted to what the user has access to.
    • The Association is linked automatically between the two work items.
Updated on April 20, 2024

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