Release 213.0

18 May, 2024

(Note: Official Release Notes are available as an attachment to this article.)


  • Attributes & Metrics: Expanded Maximize/Minimize conditional formatting thresholds
  • Attributes & Metrics: “Maintain” target direction
  • Attributes & Metrics: Color attribute for work items
  • Cards: Optionally display two colors
  • Charts: Stacked Column & Line metric timeframe chart
  • Charts: MMM-YYY format option available for timeframe X-axis labels
  • Charts: Ability to export Charts as images
  • Tables: Improved Add Column experience

Issue Resolutions:

  • Biweekly Business Rule firing weekly
  • Export/Import section: Filter does not work when number attributes are selected
  • Date and Number sorting on Board sections isn’t working as expected
  • Section Title on Views and Lists disappears after an edit
  • Progress Bar doesn’t load on instance if one Icon field is empty
  • Numeric and Date attributes with data sets enabled no longer display multiple data sets in default forms

213.0 Release Notes

Updated on May 18, 2024

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