Release 212.0

20 April, 2024

(Note: Official Release Notes are available as an attachment to this article.)


  • Accessibility: Improve Navigation Sidebar accessibility
  • AI Analyze: Configure which template is used
  • App Admin: Display metric period of measure on the Data Panel
  • App Admin: Navigate to same layout when opening template
  • Business Rules: Assign roles on associated work items
  • Business Rules: Send notifications to roles on associated items
  • Card: Calculated Values
  • Guest Users: Tag Internal Users as Guests
  • Metric Timeframe Chart: Column, Line, Stacked Column, Combination Column & Line
  • Shibumi Support Page: Instrumentation
  • Shibumi Support Page: Attribute Usage
  • Table Create Form: Multi-line Instruction fields

Issue Resolutions:

  • Cannot reference a calculated date attribute as a value for timePeriod in a Business Rule Set Value action
  • Edit Form menu moves to the top left of the page
  • Emails not summarized when adding user to multiple items if user not yet activated
  • Sections are getting stuck in “drag” mode on Dashboards
  • Table Bulk Edit column widths do not respect table configuration

212.0 Release Notes

Updated on April 20, 2024

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