Release 211.0

23 March, 2024

(Note: Official Release Notes are available as an attachment to this article.)


  • Add Metric fields to Edit Forms
  • Display multiple template types in Board sections
  • Display role values in Board section cards
  • API changes to ensure guest users cannot access participant information
  • Set Default Section Sizing and Settings for remaining sections
  • Section resizing for Width or Height only
  • Add Hotkeys for Layout controls

Issue Resolutions:

  • When aggregating multiple row types in a Table, two or more percentage columns display as numbers
  • Card: Remove leading and trailing whitespace off of the value names before saving
  • Error icon in Forms is under the input field and cut off
  • User session timeout is set to 2am EST for all regions

211.0 Release Notes

Updated on March 23, 2024

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