Release 198.0

12 August, 2023

(Note: Official Release Notes are available as an attachment to this article.)


  • Ability to display Metric values in Cards
  • Introduce display options for Icon/Name/Value pick list in a Table column
  • Default Table column width to flexible
  • Bulk delete attributes and metrics from data panel
  • Duplicate an attribute or metric on a template
  • Add Days & Weeks to Date Range filter options
  • Ability to reference the Data Set filter display name in expressions
  • Provide warning when enabling Create From on association tables if the association is calculated
  • Combine y-axis series when the names match for custom Chart section

Issue Resolutions:

  • Section titles disappear on templates when they contain injected expressions that resolve to empty
  • Preview Pane remains open when child item is selected from Table
  • Metric View with 365 columns no longer loads quickly
  • Participant View: Unable to sort by ‘Updated’ sort criterion with the ‘All’ filter selected

198.0 Release Notes

Updated on December 1, 2023

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