Release 185.0

10-11 February 2023

(Note: Official Release Notes are available as an attachment to this article.)


  • Decimal setting for Metric columns in Table Section
  • Rename Layout mode to Design mode

Issue Resolutions:

  • Loading a page during an App upgrade can cause pages to not load after it completes
  • Layouts don’t load if Association Lists have a Metric Column
  • Rich Text font changes on publish of Presentation
  • Can’t disable / enable data sets after failed App upgrade
  • Can’t configure metric data sets in a Metric View when context is set to an ancestor
  • Table Section: Metric Column Timeframe Date setting does not recognize page-level filter attribute
  • Grabber icons missing from Attachment, Dashboard & Presentation Lists
  • Entering .5 for a value in a Name/Numeric or Icon/Name/Numeric Pick List results in an error

185.0 Release Notes

Updated on December 1, 2023

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