Release 144.0

15-16 January 2021

(Note: Official release notes are available as an attachment to this article)


  • Ability to check for empty ancestor in expressions
  • Ability to check for empty parent or grandparent in runtime expressions
  • Do not include Active/All filter as default filter in Lists/Views
  • Improve performance of Enterprise Admin user replace and apply to all roles

Issue Resolutions:

  • Certain metric view sections won’t load when the view context doesn’t exist
  • Cannot add field to Add / Create dialog if field does not exist on Form section
  • Error when trying to duplicate list sections in template
  • Remove from Dashboard List shouldn’t delete Dashboard
  • Invalid pick list selection on template will block template import
  • Blank decimal point setting does not get carried over with template file export
  • Metric aggregation setting reset to sum upon template import
  • Work item with calculated self association reference cannot be deleted
  • Can’t enter expression on instance metric after clearing template expression
  • Using Sort on Add Presentation dialog doesn’t show some presentations
  • Copying presentations to a new work item does not show the presentation in the Add existing dialog
  • Can’t delete presentation after exporting a section
  • Presentation Mode uses wrong filters & sort for Dashboards on slides
  • Participant view does not sort by participant
  • Pending users receive join email when they are removed from items
  • Column aggregation labeling always shows Sum
  • User receives failed export notification if exported section is empty
  • Number of work items affected by publish is incorrect
  • Work item overdue status not updated properly in specific cases
  • Items On Hold move to In Progress when their start date hits
  • Work items move to top level when updating priority setting

144.0 Release Notes

Updated on February 2, 2021

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