The month() offset function is appended to a metric dataset and provides the ability to dynamically reference a time period for the metric.


Metric_API_Name.Dataset_API_Name.month(offset value)

Argument Description
offset value


An expression that results in a numeric value (i.e., a hard-coded number, a reference to a numeric attribute, or a function that returns a numeric value).

Where Available

  • Metric expression


Where Example(s)
Metric expression OPEX__m.target__d.month(-12)

Returns the OPEX target value in the time period corresponding to 12 months ago.


(CAPEX__m.actual__d + OPEX__m.actual__d) / (CAPEX__m.actual__d.month(-12) + OPEX__m.actual__d.month(-12))

Returns the year over year comparison of CAPEX + OPEX.


Notes: positive values look forward in time, negative numbers look backwards.


Updated on February 7, 2023

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