The cumulative() function returns the accumulated values of a metric since a designated date into a time-series array.


cumulative(value, date)

Argument Description


The expression returning the values to be accumulated. 

The expression can simply be the metric API name of the metric to be aggregated or could be a more complex expression that returns a time-series array of values to be aggregated.



The date the accumulation should begin.  The date format should be in the form YYYY-MM-DD and enclosed in quotation marks.

Note: If the date is not included, it defaults to 10 years before the enterprise creation date.

Where Available

  • Metric expression


Where Example(s)
Metric expression


cumulative(CAPEX__m, "2023-01-01")

cumulative(CAPEX__m * currency_conversion__c, "2023-01-01")

cumulative(sumif(Initiative__t, CAPEX__m, active))


Updated on February 7, 2023

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