The betweenDates() function returns the specified values between two dates into a time-series array.


betweenDates(value, startDate, endDate)

Argument Description


An expression that returns a time-series array of values.


The beginning date defining when the values should start to be retrieved.

Note:  If the startDate argument references a date attribute that is empty, no values will be returned by the function.



The ending date defining when the values should stop being retrieved.

Note: If the endDate argument is not included or if it references a date attribute that is empty, the values will be retrieved from the startDate forward.

Where Available

  • Metric expression


Where Example(s)
Metric expression


sumif(Initiative__t, betweenDates(Revenue_Impact__m, Impact_Start_date__c, Impact_End_date__c), Business_Unit__c="Alpha" and Phase__c=1)

Returns the sum of the Revenue Impact metric for the Alpha business unit initiatives in phase 1.  These values are assigned to the metric time periods corresponding to those between the Impact Start and Impact End Dates.  Time periods before and after these dates are left blank.


betweenDates(CAPEX__m, Stage_3_Date__c, Stage_4_Date__c)

Retrieves the values of the CAPEX metric for the time periods between Stage 3 Date and Stage 4 Date and assigns them to the corresponding metric time periods.  All other time periods for the metric are left blank.


betweenDates(Savings__m, Go_Live_Date__c)

Retrieves the values of the Savings metric starting on the Go Live Date and assigns them to metric time periods beginning with the time period that corresponds to the Go Live Date. All other time periods prior to the Go Live Date time period are left blank.


Updated on February 7, 2023

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